Security Solutions

Enterprise Management Platform

An enterprise security managemen platform (EMP) that integarte with all various security components through open standards and interfaces.

It is a module-based architecture where each module lives and interacts with other modules securely according to well-defined protocols. The platform allows to customize or change the used modules with the least impact on other modules as per the customer’s security needs. Example of security modules: ANPR, RFID, UVIS, Access Control, Hardware Control, legacy systems integration module and so on. Its dynamic-architecture allow for addition of new modules which can be developed and plugged to the platform without affecting its operation.

The platform also provides the messaging infrastructure which allows all applications to communicate with each other in a reliable and secured manner. With the utilization of a unified messaging protocol, dependence of different system components on each other will be minimal, and any malfunction of a particular component won’t directly impact other system components. Such messaging protocol will guarantee delivery of messages between system components even one or more of them is not available at a particular time, and it will make the diagnostics and troubleshooting of each system component easier. Also, this architecture provides the flexibility of running all or a subset of platform modules based on customer security needs. This might be relevant for some customers where the budget is a concern or not all security features are required.

Gate Perimeter Guardian

Integrate and manage all ANPR, RFID, barriers devices at gates through a single, easy to use interface.

It is state of the art software for controlling traffic and vehicle entry. It can communicate with various hardware systems and specialized in ANPR and RFID. Moreover, the system is multi-lingual, supports many international langauges.

It provides a very intuitive user interafce, that is easy to understand and comprehensive. Reports can be generated on the fly with all needed analytical informations. Customizable views that would fit the needs and enhance the efficiency of the operators when working with it

Central Perimeter Guardian

Centeraly manage all various gates wihtin a facility, collect all gates data for reporting and tracking.

It is a privilege-based system that is capable of playing a crucial role when several gates are in place. With the multi communication channels it opens at different gates, it can be used to broadcast information in real-time or on a timely basis, and it can collect traffic information from the gates.

A rich dashboard of the system and vitality and health of the gates. With the smart data visualization and charting capabilities, quick insights can be gained and conclusions can be drawn and built upon to make decisions or to take corrective or precautionary actions.

A historical analysis and prediction mechanism is in hand to provide an intuition about the behavior and patters of traffic at one or all gates, and it will help in predicting the traffic in the near future based on the historical data available. With comprehensive set of reports cab be genearted on the fly.

Tracking Solutions

People & Vistor Tracking

RFID and RTLS based solution with visual tracking for people and visitors within facilities

Document Guardian

RFID based solutions to track documents / binders within orgnaziation, to help identifiy the workflow of the documents and minimize the risk of loosing it

Asset Guardian

RFID bsaed solution to track assets within the organization, to help track its presense and locations and also minimize thr risk of becoming lost


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