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Physical security has become an issue these days, new threats utilize latest techniques and approaches require new methods and integration of various security tools to detect it and handle it, CRAGS experince in this filed would help organizations tackle such issues.

CRAGS has extensive exprince in: Imagae Analysis, Intellignet Security, Real-Time Location Tracking, and other cutting-edge technolgies in security.

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Established in 2011, with focus on security solutions that woud help organizations to detect potential threats. A group of pioneers and experinced team help building the new face of such technologies that would integrate all traditional approaches and new state-of-the-art techologies to overcome such issues. The main focus is to:

  • Utilize state-of-the-art technogoies
  • Integarte all tools in a simple, easy to understand interface
  • Provide required control and information


Our Top Solutions

Enterprise Management Platform 

An enterprise security managemen platform (EMP) that integarte with all various security components through open standards and interfaces.

Gate Perimeter Guardian

Integrate and manage all ANPR, RFID, barriers devices at gates through a single, easy to use interface.

Central Perimeter Guardian

Centeraly manage all various gates wihtin a facility, collect all gates data for reporting and tracking.

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